Strength Training

strength-trainingStrength training is a KEY ingredient in the recipe for your fitness success, yet many people – especially women – become a little hesitant when it comes to the idea of lifting weights. They often worry that they’ll become bulky, or look less feminine. This is not the case, I PROMISE. When included into a wedding fitness program properly, strength training can and will deliver beautiful aesthetic benefits, such as a leaner and toner figure, development of muscle tone (in all the right areas) such as a perkier bum, loss of fat around the mid-section, and overall tighter skin as well as a host of health benefits.
You will see a significant increase in bone density which can help to fight off osteoporosis along with other genetic and hereditary bone diseases. A natural metabolism boost will occur and allow you to burn even more unwanted calories which will help keep you from yo-yo-ing on your diet and plateauing on your progress in the gym.