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How to Stay Fit During the Holidays

How to Stay Fit During the Holidays


Don’t skip your workouts. Remember how far you have come and how hard you have worked to get here. When you start to entertain the idea of possibly skipping a workout, remind yourself of how miserable it felt to be so winded and tired when you first started. How hard you had to fight through each and every workout to be where you are now.


Bring healthy options to work and family gatherings. Holidays can present a difficult challenge. All of those deserts and cheesy side dishes you’ve been craving are suddenly appearing at every party and even at work! I often tell my brides and grooms that the key to staying on track is balance and to take away the urgency felt when faced with cheat items. Those cookies are not going anywhere. You can bake them any time you want so why do you HAVE to eat them now? Save them for your cheat meal on Sunday, cheat meals help us find balance in a world constantly striving for perfection. Cheat meals also help to keep our metabolism guessing and operating at top speed. Just don’t overdo it or go 2 days in a row.


Find a workout buddy. Buddies are the BEST! When you are home with your family or hanging out on the weekends it can help to have a friend go with you to the gym to get in the extra workout or to go and knock out some sprint intervals on the Katy Trail. Remember you are going for a complete lifestyle change and this is how to do it!


Go Shopping. Although your future husband or wife might not be thrilled about this addition to the list, I am not telling you to shop till you drop but to walk, walk walk! Do you live in uptown and want do some Christmas shopping? Put the computer down and walk to West Village and then take a stroll around all the shops while slowly sipping on a skinny pumpkin latte, while jamming out to some tunes and getting in some personal time.