timthumb.4Before we share our thoughts and tips, let’s discuss what food ISN’T: It isn’t love. It isn’t happiness. It isn’t self-esteem.
At Bells & Barbells, we believe a few simple tips will keep you healthy, fit and at an appropriate weight for your frame. B&B lives by a “Food is fuel but also a wonderful element of culture and togetherness and a whole lot of fun” philosophy, but we practice plenty of moderation.
Easy Tips To Start With:
Start the day off right and you will set the tone for healthy eating for the rest of the day.
If you start the day off with sugar or sweets, you will crave them all day.
Eat when you are hungry and plan your meals out
Keep it simple and always make sure you are eating enough to support your activity levels
Determine if you prefer to graze or eat 3 meals a day, we can work from there.