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Training Movements Rather Than Muscle Groups: Improving Your Quality of Life

I decided to write this article in response to the many questions I am asked on a daily basis about my training business and preferred workout methodology. People often ask, “What makes it different?”, “How will it benefit me?”and “Why is it the smarter choice?”.


I often respond to these questions with a simple. “Do you just want to look good or do you want your body to move as well as you look?” As well all know, at the end of the day beauty fades and if you didn’t take the time to take care of your body you’re in for a rude awaking as you continue to age. Why does this matter in regards to how you choose to train? Bc if you train the way you want your body to perform then it will develop stronger movement patterns that will carry you through your everyday life. after and during exercise you will not only increase your risk of injury but you will also be limiting yourself in regards to mobility, range of motion as well as setting yourself up to plateau. Here’s a perfect example. I had a women approach me after seeing me work on a few of my clients and told me about her hips issues and the speratic pain she was having. I immediately asked her to do a quick air squat for me and guess what? She couldn’t even break parallel because her hips were so tight and muscles so stiff. I asked her about her training routine and quickly discovered that she was being training by someone one that NEVER primed her muscles for her workout nor took the time to take care of them after. I offered to help her and showed her a few things with my mobility tool the orb. Within 15 minutes she saw a huge change and promised to call me as I reminded her that consistency is key. Did I ever hear back from her? Nope. Is she still training with the same person? Yup. People don’t know the difference between smart training and “fad” training. They just want to look good and look good now. Teaching your body to work for you takes time and patience. Once achieved, BOOM! You can take on the world so stop getting in your own way and start doing your own research. Take care of your body so it can take care of you. Don’t sacrifice your body for a “quick fix”, put in the work so that you not only look amazing but feel that way as well.



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