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Why Lifting Weights Is Better Than Cardio for Brides

Why Lifting Weights Is Better Than Cardio for Brides


Many of the brides that come to Bells and Barbells are looking to lose body fat, increase muscle tone so that they look and feel incredible in their dream wedding dress. We feel the best way to achieve those goals is through a focus on strength training with some cardio mixed in. Why is strength training better than just doing cardio for our brides?


Burn more calories with strength training – You burn 10 calories per minute while lifting weights and 12 calories per minute doing cardio. However, your body will continue to burn calories for up to an hour after your strength training workout not only because it takes your body longer to recover, but because your body consumes more oxygen in the time following strength training. This increased oxygen consumption also boosts your metabolism by up to 10% for the next 3 days!


You can get your cardio during strength training, but you can’t get your strength training while doing cardio.  How? Our strength training programs always involve some form of cardio. Either through plyometric or rapid explosive movements like box jumps or squat jumps or by moving quickly between sets keeping your heart rate elevated.


Muscle Burns Fat – For every 3 pounds of muscle you put on, your body burns an extra 120 calories per day. Your body exerts more energy sustaining muscle.


At Bells and Barbells, we don’t want our brides to just be “skinnyfat”. We want them to be healthy, with muscle tone and fast metabolisms that allow them to bounce back from bad nutrition days faster while yielding sustainable gains and results that last a lifetime. We mean it when we say “Get Fit for Your Wedding. Get Fit for Life!”