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Get Fit For Your Wedding. Get Fit For Life.

You’ve made a promise to your special someone; now make a commitment to your health and fitness!

Whether you’re a newbie or veteran looking to take your fitness to the next level, Bells and Barbells can help! Armed with years of experience and a passion for helping others, Bells and Barbells provides each and every Dallas bride-to-be with a dedicated trainer that you can count to be there every step of the way and working hard to ensure that your goals are being reached and that you’re having a little fun while getting there!
This is a busy and exciting time for you, so let Bells and Barbells lead you through your fitness journey and with real results. In addition to getting fit and healthy during your weekly personal training sessions, you’ll find that these sessions will also allow you time to work through stress, celebrate personal victories and jump start your week! The more prepared you for are for this new chapter in your life, the better and I want to help! :)
As a B & B bride, you will also have access to discounts at numerous local businesses such as spas, salons and nutrition shops. Everything you need to make this engagement amazing and worry free, after all YOU DESERVE THE BEST. For more information, please see request info box above. I am looking forward to meeting you! #fitbride


  • Methodology

    The methodology behind Bells & Barbells

Have Fun. Get Fit. Get Married.

Bells and Barbells’ goal is to help you get you into the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE while helping you feel and look your absolute best throughout YOUR ENTIRE ENGAGEMENT. This is accomplished through a customized personal training program that will be easy to understand and easy to apply to your everyday life. #goalcrushing!

I am not about “quick fixes” or “crash diets”. I make a commitment to each of my girls and I honor it. I will help you find out what works best for your body, how to make the most out of your gym time and learn how to reach and surpass your health and fitness goals safely and without injury. Not only will you notice a change in your physical appearance but you’ll also notice a change and elevation in your mood and energy levels. In this busy time, it isn’t always easy for you to find time for yourself and Bells and Barbells can help with that! Whether wedding planning has been a breeze or you have experienced unwanted stress, Bells and Barbells will provide you with what you need to stay focused, motivated and crushing those wedding fitness day goals!

  • Katherine Bahlburg

    Owner & Head Trainer

    I’m Katherine Bahlburg, the founder and creator of Bells & Barbells. My vision is to help and inspire women as they prepare for their most special day, the wedding! Working with so many brides has given me two incredible things: the opportunity to help change the lives of my clients for the better and follow my passion for fitness. I know that you have put a lot of thought and planning into the details of your wedding day so, don’t leave out the most important detail of all – YOUR health and fitness.

    With over 12 years of experience operating as an athlete, coach and personal trainer, my expertise includes programming and training people of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels. I am a stickler for technique, I won’t cycle you on a bunch of machines, I will ALWAYS take into account your personal and physical needs and or limitations while aligning them with your desires and your goals. I do not limit myself to one school of thought, I actively explore ALL possible avenues and fitness methodologies. I have a very functional fitness approach, I focus on exercises that relate to everyday life and will lead to the development of a strong and solid foundation. I am current and up to date on the most relevant and current exercise science and am actively continuing my education through active research, seminars and continued experience. I enjoy a challenge! Every one of my clients are happier and healthier versions of themselves because of this and the best part?? That they had a little fun getting there!

    In addition to working one-on-one with my clients, I am trained and currently active coaching and teaching the following: Olympic Style Lifting, Indorow, Indoor Cycling, TRX, Pre & Post-Natal, Kettle Bells, Swimming as well as extensive experience working with mobility and trigger point therapy. I truly love what I do!

    Is there anything you want to explore specifically? Have a fitness skill you wish to learn? Just mention it in your consultation, I have you covered!

    B.S in Psychology & Business Administration

    NASM CPT, CrossFit Level 2, USAW Level 1, TRX Suspension Training, Kettlebell Instructor Level 1, Mobility & Trigger Point Therapy

Personal Training

  • personal-trainingEveryone has their own reasons for seeking out a personal trainer. Yours might be fueled by a desire to lose weight, add muscle tone, recover from an injury, learn how to eat and exercise for your body type, or to simply find motivation to get moving and keep moving. Whatever your reason, Bells and Barbells can help. A fit bride is a happy bride and I guarantee that you will leave every session satisfied with the decision to let B&B help you reach your fitness goals.
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Personal Training Packages

Personal Training

60 Minute Session - $85
30 Minute Mobility/Flexibility Session - $50
60 Minute Mobility/Flexibility Session - $90

Group Training

All Sessions Are 60 Minutes
Bride & Groom! (2 Participants)
Bridal Party Group Session (4 or more Participants)


60 Minute Nutrition Consult - $55
4 Weeks Of Nutritional Consulting - $100
4 Week Customized Meal Plan - $175 (Includes Nutritional Consulting)

3 Month Bridal Program

(36) Personal Training Sessions (Strength, Cardio, Mobility & Flexibility)
(1) Group Training Session For 2 Participants (Bride/Groom, Bride/Mom, Bride/Bridesmaid)
Nutritional Consult
Meal Plan Overview
Ongoing Nutritional Coaching
Preferred Pricing With Various Health & Beauty Providers
Inquire For Pricing!

6 Month Bridal Program

(66) Personal Training Sessions (Strength, Cardio, Mobility & Flexibility)
(1) Group Training Session For 2 Participants (Bride/Groom, Bride/Mom, Bride/Bridesmaid)
Nutritional Consult
Meal Plan Overview
Ongoing Nutritional Coaching
Preferred Pricing With Various Health & Beauty Providers
Inquire For Pricing!


Get Fit With Your Fiance!




Bells and Barbells clients receive discounts and special perks with many local Dallas area businesses

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