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What to Eat Before Your Wedding Workout & Why! #teambride

My wedding fitness trainer said to eat carbs before a workout. Pizza has carbs right? So is pizza a pre-workout?! No.

Attention Brides and Grooms! Your pre-workout routine can make or break your sweat session. Here is out to get the most out of the hard work you are putting in the gym.


Carbohydrates are your body’s biggest energy source. About 80% of your energy during a workout comes from your glucose and glycogen which comes from carbs. With all of the business from planning a wedding and managing your day to day, extra energy will never be a bad thing! When you’re deprived of these carbs your muscles become limited because your brain has taken priority over them because it needs to make sure you don’t run out (which is why those low carb fads like keto diets are so bad for brain health.) There are two different types of carbs. Complex carbs and simple carbs. The difference between the two is how quickly they are digested and absorbed. For example, white rice is simple and brown rice is complex. So you would want to eat brown rice a few hours before a workout and white closer to your training time. #bridegoals


Simple carbs are fast acting. They are considered a sugar so they raise your blood sugar quickly, giving you that instant boost for a workout. These will be a quick and light snack 30 minutes before a workout.


Good Simple carb snacks include:

  • milk

  • fruit spread

  • Honey

  • dark chocolate

  • Yogurt

  • white bread

  • fruit juice.


Complex carbs are considered a starch so they take much longer to break down giving that long lasting energy release! Because they are digested slower they’ll be pushing you through the last ten minutes of your workout.


Complex Carbs Include:

  • Whole Grain Rice

  • Quinoa

  • Oats (oatmeal) (smoothies)

  • Fruits (consider sugar intake)

  • Sweet Potatoes

  • Veggies

  • Brown Rice

  • Corn Tortillas (because Mexican food is life)


There is no perfect pre-workout routine. Everyone’s bodies work differently so therefore you will have different solutions that work for each person just like when you go shopping for your one of a kind wedding dress!

Ideally the perfect pre-workout snack is a combination of a simple carb for an instant boost of energy, a complex carb to get you through to the end of the workout, and a little protein to support muscle growth.


Examples of a the perfect pre-workout snack:

  • A banana with 2 tbsp of Peanut Butter (Hour to 1/2 hour before)

  • Chicken sandwich on whole bread with a piece of dark chocolate (2 hours before)

  • An egg on whole grain bread with a 1/2 cup of fruit juice (1 hour before)

What’s your favorite pre-workout snack? Email us at and let us know!!


A big thank you to Bells and Barbells Trainer Jenna Courtney for this weeks blog contribution! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork