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6 Week Nutrition Challenge

Bells and Barbell’s private training client and soon-to-be bride, Katy G has been working hard and training 3 times a week with me at B&B, but now that she is only 3 months out from her big day, she is ready to take things to the next level. She will be joining Simply fit Meals 6-week nutriton challenge! Katy loves to jog on the Katy trail in uptown Dallas with her fiance. It’s also where he proposed to her!


Knowing that her wedding is just around the corner, she works hard and as a result, she has already seen a decrease in body fat, stress levels and now can’t wait for her next dress fitting! By managing her nutrition with healthy meals picked out just for her at Simply Fit Meals, Katy is going not only going to reach her wedding day goals faster, loss even more body fat but she will now have more energy for wedding planning, work and life. One happy, fit and healhy Dallas bride coming!


Stayed tuned to see Katy’s progress and her before and after photos. Interesting I’m getting fit and healthy for your wedding? Reach out to me today.