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Sunday Mcclung
Wedding Fitness Assistant

While I may be behind the scenes at Bells and Barbells Wedding Fitness I am often communicating with our brides daily about future appointments, follow ups on questions and helping make sure your fitness journey is smooth. While in college at Texas A&M, I joined the local CrossFit gym and that’s when the love affair with fitness began. I still do CrossFit to this day. I even met my husband at that local CrossFit gym in college! We now have one super awesome daughter named Chandler who is 1 1/2. She is full of energy and what I call a “wild child”. Working at Bells and Barbells is my dream job because I get to be surrounded by people who are passionate about fitness and I get to be a part of all our awesome brides and grooms fitness journeys and watch all the amazing transformations!!

Fun Fact: I have 3 dogs. A German short haired pointer named Paisley, a wolf hybrid named Zig, and a fancy pants Maltese name Lily. Needless to say, I’m constantly vacuuming the dog hair.

Fun Fact #2:  My name is Sunday, but I wasn’t born on a Sunday (Saturday night but close enough).