Before & After

5-month progress! This bride hired us exactly 1 year before her wedding date. In 5 months she lost 25 lbs, cut her body fat and added significant muscle. She can now bench more weight than she ever has, can run faster and for longer distances, needs to have her engagement ring re-sized because it is too big, and most importantly has given her a much needed boost in self-esteem and body confidence. All this in just 5 months! Can you imagine what she will achieve in the next 7 months before her big day? #goalcrushing

6-month progress! This bride came to us 6 months before her special day. She committed to training with us 3 times a week. In her own words, she said Bells and Barbells has completely transformed my fitness level, body, and mindset when it comes to food and fitness. I gained a great body that I’ve always wanted, and I gained a passion for working out and taking care of myself and made a great friend! #justamazing

4-month progress! This bride started chasing her wedding day goals by hiring us 11 months before her big day. She lost a total of 16 inches and was back down to her pre-baby weight! #wow

4-month progress! Our bride came to us 8 months before her special day. She trained with us 3x a week and worked hard to lose 6% body fat and 8 inches of fat! #goalcrushed

6-month progress! This determined bride came to us 6 months before her spring wedding date. Her goal wasn’t to lose pounds, but instead reduce body fat, gain muscle and define her body. She trained with us 3 times a week and committed to a nutrition overhaul. We provided her with meal plans and she was able to get that 6 pack she always wanted while combatting hypothyroidism.

3-month progress! This bride and new mother came to us 4 months before her wedding day. She committed to training with us 3 days a week and lost 25 pounds! She rocked her gorgeous wedding dress and decided to continue training with us as a #fitwife

3-month progress! This bride started with us just 3 months before her big day and she crushed her goals! We were able to work around her tricky work schedule and helped her lose 14 inches so she could rock that dress of hers! #sweatingforthewedding

3-month progress! This bride hired us 5 months before her big day, she had just broken her ankle and didn’t think there was any way she could hit her wedding day fitness goals. Not only were we able to rehab her ankle injury, while training with us 3 times a week she lost 7% body fat and defined her back and arms and packed on muscle!