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Noelle Butcher

Wedding Fitness Trainer

I am California girl, born and bred, but I made the big move to Texas almost 4 years ago and haven’t looked back!  I grew up in a very athletic household and have played every sport under the sun – soccer, volleyball, water polo and even pole-vaulting!  However, when I graduated high school and no longer had organized sports to keep me busy, I quickly turned to the gym to get my activity fix.  

As I started to see my own body transform, I needed to know more about anything and everything health and fitness! I decided to get my personal trainer certification through ACE and I was hooked.  Despite earning my degree in Business Marketing from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, I knew the fitness industry was going to be my home. I have worked for both Equinox and Gold’s Gym. 

I discovered Bells and Barbells as a bride back in February of 2018 after winning a social media competition for a free week of training.  Once I met the team and explored the studio, I instantly felt right at home!  Bells and Barbells inspired me to leave my career on the corporate side of fitness and go back to my first love – training. 

While my passion is fitness, my biggest goal in life is to make a positive impact on the world and as many lives as possible.  As a recent bride, I know exactly how stressful and busy wedding planning can be and how easy it is to forget about yourself and let your health and wellness fall to the wayside.  I want to to be your accountability partner throughout your transformation, from the proposal to the alter and everything that comes after.  I would love to act as your brain while you get into bridal shape, so that you can focus on everything else that comes with planning a wedding!

Certifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer and ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Fun Fact #1: My name is Noelle because I was born on Christmas Day!

Fun Fact #2: I had double jaw surgery the day after my 16th birthday and have 28 screws and 2 plates in my face!