Mary Omare

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Mary Omare
Wedding Fitness Trainer

I’ve been a personal trainer for almost 6 years. I got interested in the fitness world because of wrestling, a sport that pushed me to the limit and taught me so much, from eating better to feeling more energized.

After my body went through changes physically, mentally, and emotionally; I wanted to continue and study more after high school. I obtained my Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science in 2012 from Missouri Valley College, located in small town called Marshall, Missouri.

While in Missouri, I continued with my wrestling career for 2 more years, then decided to focus more on my studies. I did an internship with the Women’s Basketball team doing strength and conditioning and I enjoyed it and learned a lot from that.

I have a passion for fitness, I like learning different ways to make working out “fun and enjoyable”. Working at Bells and Barbells will allow me to contribute to the bride and groom’s big day and their journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle together.

Change starts with you! What are you waiting for?