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Daniel Abercrombie
Head Wedding Fitness Trainer

I have been a trainer for 5 years and most recently was a tier 2 trainer with Equinox in Dallas. Originally from Lubbock, I grew up around athletes and coaches alike. My mom was a high school gymnastics coach as well as a group fitness instructor so she made athletics a big part of my life. I played football, basketball, as well as ran track throughout high school and played football in college. My passion for health and my desire to challenge the status quo when it comes to your physical well being have put me into a position where I can pass on all the knowledge that I have to help you thrive in your fit lifestyle.

I am an ISSA certified personal trainer and have Level 1 Kettlebell certification.

Training Certifications: ISSA, Kettlebell Level 1.

Fun Fact 1: In my spare time I dabble in amateur music production.

Fun Fact 2: My biggest hobby is playing basketball.