Braden Everding

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Braden Everding
Wedding Fitness Trainer

I am an Iowa native, and have lived in Dallas for about 3 years. I was always an active kid playing every sport possible growing up, and played football in college where I learned a lot about training for sports performance. I worked as an assistant strength coach while in college helping to develop training programs and coaching athletes for sports performance.

I went to graduate school at Iowa State University where I got my M.S. in Kinesiology. I worked as the site supervisor for an on-campus exercise clinic catering to older adults post-cardiac rehab. I also worked on a research project assessing cardiovascular disease risk in the law enforcement population. I used my graduate experience to further enhance my training skills and knowledge of exercise physiology principles.

I currently work at Texas Health Dallas as a Research Associate where we are working on heart failure prevention projects for the American Heart Association utilizing different exercise interventions as our main “medication” to prevent disease. I also train and compete in Olympic Weightlifting to get my competitive fix in.

I am well-versed in all aspects of training, but particularity enjoy barbell strength training. I love showing clients how strong they actually are and helping them achieve their health and fitness goals for the big day!”