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Where You Can Whittle Your Waist Without Losing Your Base!

Bells and Barbells: Where You Can Whittle Your Waist Without Losing Your Base! #fitbride

Karla started with Bells and Barbells on January 3rd 2016 and has already lost 10 lbs and 2 inches around the waist! #goalcrushing Karla comes to see me every week for three 60-minute private training sessions, her program is designed with her and her wedding day goals in mind. I not only work one-on-one with her in the gym but, I continue to do so outside of it as well. I follow up with her regarding nutrition and personalized meal-plans and progress with her at-home workouts. All of her hard work is really starting to pay off and I couldn’t be more proud! I feel blessed to have found such an amazing bride to work with and someone I can also call a close friend.

I wanted to share her testimonial with you with the hopes that it might help to encourage all of the beautiful brides of Dallas to get up and start moving! Don’t hope that you can squeeze into your dress on the day of your wedding, aim for it to fit like a glove! Bells and Barbells, where you can whittle your waist without losing your base! :)

“Katherine is a great knowledgeable trainer for women and the bride-to-be. I’ve been with several trainers in the past and had never been so satisfied! Katherine knows women, the female body and how to get results. My experience with her has been motivating and empowering and it is what has encouraged me to continue my journey into a healthier lifestyle. I have had difficulty for years getting into a healthy regime and working out, I couldn’t find the accountability in myself to change my habits. With Katherine, you get a knowledgeable personal trainer, nutritionist and friend. In the month that I have been with her, I have learned so much about my body & about health and fitness. I’ve lost 10lbs of fat, inches across my stubborn areas in my body like waist and thighs.  I no longer have  excuses to not be healthy. If you’re ready to change your life, your mindset & your body- come to Katherine, show up, give it 100% and let her work her magic and get ready to be amazed! #fitbride #fitforlife”

  -Karla Jimenez Ferrell