Ashley Mackey

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Ashley Mackey

Wedding Fitness Trainer

I made the move from Pennsylvania to Texas in June of 2016.  I’ve always been passionate about the fitness industry but never saw myself working in it until my junior year of College. More than halfway through getting my degree in Accounting I realized two things. The first being that I had no idea what I was doing. The second, I spent more time researching fitness and nutrition than studying Accounting.

So even though I have a degree I’ll probably never end up using, I’m thankful that it led me to the world of personal training. After going through my own weight loss journey I ended up getting certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Now, I hope to inspire others to live both happy and healthy lives.

Fun Fact #1- Freshman year of college I broke both my ankles at the same time. Feel free to ask me how that ended up happening.

Fun Fact #2 – I tend to slip movie quotes into the conversations I’m having.